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The Coalition to End Toxic Aerosols was formed to support a Worldwide and Nation, State, County and Local Campaigns to address the ongoing Aerosol and Electromagnetic frequency programs of Climate Modification that are impacting the health of Humanity and all of Nature.

Please click the Forum link at the top of the page to access this feature for building our community campaign to Stop Geoengineering. Feel free to leave suggestions in our suggestion box, for your ideas on topic organization or for links to information on Geoengineering, Climate Modification, Chemtrails, Health, etc.

CETA is located in Santa Cruz, California. We're particularly interested in supporting the work of campaigns in other geographic areas to raise awareness in their communities and to bring the issues around Geoengineering to local, state and national "officials." Our long-term goals center around the pressing need to protect our health and the environment, restore natural weather systems, and to Stop the Spray!