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In March of 2014, Dane Wigington called for a massive letter and email writing campaign to government officials, policy makers, environmental organizations, NGO's, media and activist groups to inform them about the serious dangers of the ongoing Geoengineering programs worldwide. CETA is taking this up as a project, and is creating an Information Hub on our Forum to support and coordinate it. You can access the Project Basic Information post on the forum HERE - It includes a link to download our edit of Dane Wigington's Flaming Arrow Package which you can send out or customize as you see fit.

On the Forum, we have project Catagories (essentially folders for posts, called Topics) for 1) People and Organizations to send Letters/Information to, 2) Geoengineering Letter Examples, and 3) Selections of and Links to Information for Letters. Please feel free to post "New Topics" containing your ideas for these Categories - People who need to know what's going on in our skies, copies of your letters or emails (or just sections or paragraphs that you think are good), or sources of information that people need to know about.  

The Coalition to End Toxic Aerosols was formed to support a Worldwide and Nation, State, County and Local Campaigns to address the ongoing Aerosol and Electromagnetic frequency programs of Climate Modification that are impacting the health of Humanity and all of Nature.

Please click the Forum link at the top of the page to access this feature for building our community campaign to Stop Geoengineering. Feel free to leave suggestions in our suggestion box, for your ideas on topic organization or for links to information on Geoengineering, Climate Modification, Chemtrails, Health, etc.

CETA is located in Santa Cruz, California. We're particularly interested in supporting the work of campaigns in other geographic areas to raise awareness in their communities and to bring the issues around Geoengineering to local, state and national "officials." Our long-term goals center around the pressing need to protect our health and the environment, restore natural weather systems, and to Stop the Spray!